Lagerstein - WINNER

Song Title: Drink the Rum

Writers: Nathan Riedel, Darren Riedel, Ryan Riedel, Gregory Pieris, Daniel Tannett, Joel Orford

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A Breach Of Silence

Song Title: Falling Away

Writers: Mathew Cosgrove, Blair Layt, Kerrod Dabelstein, Rhys Flannery

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Evol Walks

Song Title: Tear it Down

Writers: Leah E Martin-Brown, Brian Howes

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In Death...

Song Title: Malignancy Eradicated

Writers: Raymond Temperley, Danika Ruohonen, Brian Page, Kell Presnell, Ben McKay

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Highly Commended

Artist/PerformerSongwriter/sSong Title
Kold CreatureChris Ross, Patrick Stevens, Brent Harman, Lyndon BauerKids That Kill
Osaka PunchJack VenablesIn or Out
Silence The SunLuke Pammenton, Josh Gordon, Ben Davis, Maf DavisFaceless
The Steady As She GoesTal WallaceBig Witch