Tia Gostelow

Song Title: State of Art

Writers: Tia-Che Gostelow

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Song Title: Solar Flare Fire

Writers: Terry Cassels, Michael Sanjay Jude, Paul Watson, Joel Alexander, Billie Weston, Mikael Strand / Jeremie Nagabbo / Paul Donehue

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Emily Wurramara - WINNER

Song Title: Ngayuwa Ngelyeyiminama (I Love You)

Writers: Emily Wurramara

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Robbie Miller

Song Title: Fire

Writers: Robert Miller

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Highly Commended

Artist/PerformerSongwriter/sSong Title
CKNUSahsha Ghee, Matopeh (Tito) Ghee, Anthony Ghee, Jimahl Jai Fairburn Ghee, George Waqairagata, Peter ScheuermeierWhat If?
Michelle PlozzaMichelle Plozza, Kevin BennettPicture on the Wall
PhiPhi Sandy, Daniel NewsteadModern Day Romancing
Wren KlaufSam Faulkner, Bradyn CanerisSpellbound