Terms & Conditions

Official Terms & Conditions

  1. The Queensland Music Awards are open to all artists who are residents of Queensland. In the case of songwriting teams/bands, not less than 50% of the team must be based in Queensland. You are a resident of Queensland if you spend a minimum of 75% of the year living in Queensland at a residential address.
  2. Songs must be the original work of the entrant and not infringe on any copyrights. QMusic takes no responsibility for any copyright violations.
  3. Entries must not compromise QMusic's obligations to its principal sponsors for the event.
  4. Genre Categories that can be entered are:
    • Schools (grades 6 - 12)
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Heavy
    • World / Folk
    • Blues / Roots
    • Soul / Funk / R’n’B
    • Country
    • Hip-Hop / Rap
    • Electronic / Dance
    • Jazz
    • Singer Songwriter
    • Video
  1. There is no limit to the number of songs entered across the different genre categories. However, a maximum of three songs only may be entered in the same genre category.
  2. The same song may be entered into different genre categories. However, only one song from each entrant may become a finalist in any one category (with the exception of the Regional, Indigenous and Song of the Year categories, which are drawn from other categories).
  3. Video Category
    This category is only open to Queensland based filmmakers. However, the song/s and artist/bands performing the song/s need not be residents of Queensland.

    You will need to provide a public link to your video/s on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

    By entering a video hosted on a public platform such as Youtube or Vimeo into the Queensland Music Awards you acknowledge that all rights holder permissions have been granted. QMusic takes no responsibility for any copyright violations.
  4. Additional Categories:
    If applicable, your song/s will be automatically entered into these categories as a BONUS entry:
    1. The Indigenous Category is open to the artists who have identified themselves as Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander songwriters during the entry process. All Indigenous entries will be automatically entered into this category.
    2. The Regional Category is open to all songwriters outside of metro Brisbane. All finalist regional songwriters will automatically be entered into this category.
  5. Instrumental music may be entered into all categories but must be clearly indicated by typing “Instrumental” in the lyrics text box.
  6. The Grant McLennan Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Nominations will be taken from a panel of music industry professionals. Nominees will come from across the full spectrum of the Queensland music industry. The QMusic management committee will make the final decision on the winner.
  7. The Song of the Year Award
    The Song of the Year is selected from the winners of each genre category by the judging panel.
  8. The Album of The Year Award
    This category will be nominated by music industry professionals. Full length albums released between December 2017 and November 2018 are eligible for this category. QMusic obtains lists from both major and independent labels of releases by Queensland artists during that period for consideration.
  9. Export Achievement Award
    This category will be independently judged and awarded by Sounds Australia. Sounds Australia is Australia’s export music market development initiative, established to provide a cohesive and strategic platform to assist the Australian music industry access international business opportunities.

    The winner of this award will be deemed to be the Queensland artist(s) with the most significant achievements in international deals/sales for music sync, touring, showcasing, licensing, publishing, digital or physical between December 2017 and November 2018.
  10. Highest Selling Album and Highest Selling Single
    The Highest Selling categories recognise the commercial success of Queensland artists, including those now based overseas. The album and song with the highest number of combined physical and digital sales will be judged the winner of these categories. The Album and Single must have been released between December 2017 and November 2018.

    For songs and albums to be eligible in these categories, their songwriters must have been residents of Queensland at some point during the last 5 years, and have started the development of their career in Queensland. However, they do not have to currently be residents of Queensland.

    These songwriters must also have co-written at least 50% of the song or album.
    All entries must be via the online entry form on the Queensland Music Awards website.

    • Each song must be submitted with its lyrics (unless instrumental)
    • Songs sung in languages other than English must have an English translation
    • Ensure all songwriters of each song entered are correctly listed in full
    • An individual song may be entered into multiple categories but it will incur an entry fee for each category.
    • Payment must be made at the time of entering and is non-refundable

    Cost of Entry

    Each Song

    Each Video

    QMusic Adult Members



    Adult Non-Members



    School Entries



    The above prices include GST
  1. The closing date for entries is midnight Sunday 11 November 2018.
  2. The judging panel is made up of a diverse range of national and international music industry professionals. The QMusic staff and management committee have no involvement in the nomination or judging process for any of the awards.
  3. Four finalists will be chosen in each category. The finalists will be notified via email in Feb 2019.
  4. Only one song per artist will be selected to be a finalist in any one category.
  5. The same song may not appear as a finalist in multiple categories (with the exclusion of regional, indigenous and song of the year, which are pooled from existing categories).
  6. All category winners agree to have their winning entry included on various websites. The Queensland Music Awards creates huge promotional opportunities for finalists and winners. QMusic will notify you of these opportunities as they arise. 
  7. All category winners agree to grant QMusic the non-exclusive right, free of charge, to make entered songs available for streaming, together with winner’s name and approved images, by members of the public on a non-commercial basis for the purpose of promoting QMusic and the Queensland Music Awards event.
  8. If you agree to have your song/s available for streaming by ticking the Yes box at the time of entry, your song/s may be chosen randomly to be added to a music player on the Queensland Music Awards website. Your song/s will NOT be available for download.
  9. If you agree to have your song/s available for streaming by ticking the Yes box at the time of entry, you must provide the rights holder details. If you are a songwriter and haven’t signed a deal with a music publishing company (publishing) or record label (master) you are the rights holder. Therefore, you should enter your own name.
    QMusic takes no responsibility for any copyright violations.
  10. Finalists will receive ONE complimentary ticket per finalist song to the awards night.
  11. The genre awards at the Queensland Music Awards are a songwriting competition. Therefore, the songwriters will be credited as the finalists/winners. In the case of all members of a band being the songwriters, the band name will be credited as the finalists/winners. Please list all songwriters accurately and in full.
  12. Winners will be announced at the Queensland Music Awards in March 2019 in Brisbane.
  13. The package of promotional activities that will be undertaken on behalf of the winning artists will include, but not be limited to:
    • Presentation of an Award trophy at the annual Queensland Music Awards
    • Profiling on the Queensland Music Awards website and playlists
    • National media release inclusion and interview opportunities.
  1. QMusic staff and Management Committee are NOT eligible to enter the Competition.
  2. Winning songs from previous years are NOT eligible to be re-entered.
  3. By accepting the Terms and Conditions during the entry process, the entrant agrees to accept the QMA rules and conditions.

    All further enquiries contact QMusic:
    Phone: (07) 3257 0013 or email info@qmusic.com.au


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